JAR - Just Another Railway!

What's the plan?

The proposal is this:

I'm going to learn a lot from this project as I have planned the layout myself, will build it all myself using kits, DIY, blood, sweat and tears!

First off, the track layout - to save money this has been done using AnyRail as when the layout was wrong, I hadn't then bought unusable track when re-designing. Also with the delay I have in obtaining track, it has allowed me to crack on with layout design!

Plan 1D v3

The track will allow for trains to run in either direction, without running through stations. Access to the sidings however is restricted and there is no way to turn a locomotive round. As the build continues, no doubt I'll find a way of incorporating a turn table or at least work out how to get the trains in and out of the sidings with a directional option - I hope!