JAR - Just Another Railway!

Welcome to Just Another Railway!

Just Another Railway is a website dedicated to the building of a model railway; it will be built during my spare time using the resources I have available.

Disclaimer: These links are provided as I have used them, there is no relationship between myself and the other links unless they are a supplier; in which case, I am a customer.

Brian Lambert's Website:
This has been a real beauty of a find; a forum entry somewhere led me here and there is so much information and inspiration.
During my research, these were the cheapest supplier of track; based on the Isle of Man, UK.
Hattons Model Railways
A Liverpool UK based "superstore"! This website provides an online presence and a shop that is local to me. I can't wait until I am buying buildings and scenery as I'll get to visit and they have a huge amount of SKU's to pick from.