JAR - Just Another Railway!

The first entry and the start!

Plan 1 C

The overall plan was aimed at not having tracks running through stations on the loop - I wanted to be able to start a locomotive on a main line without it constantly going into a station. Unfortunately, my layout has not managed this entirley due to space. The inner route acheived this but the outer loop will have to go through the City Exchange Station (3 Platform assembly in the "South") on each pass.
The shuttle line in the "West" is the Airport shuttle link and will ferry passengers from the City Exchange to the Airport Terminal in the "North-West". For a change of scenery the "Northern" Station will be a rural station within a small village.
Possible a bit ambitious for a first fixed layout but you have to start somewhere!

On the inside of the inner loop, there is the yard with storage. As this is a DCC layout and I have some Pullman cars with internal illumination designed for the older DC technology, each siding will be isolated so I can turn off the Pullamn lamps when not in use. Those keen of eye will notice an incomplete siding... this will eventually be somehow configured so I can turn the locomotive engines around without having to physically lift them off the track - I just haven't worked out how yet!

This plan is not going to work! When I managed to retrieve my track from storage, I built the Shuttle Line and found that the available space meant this layout was actualy going to be quite a squeeze... I had not allowed for the space needed to move around the layout nor a control center.

The space available and the first trains to run... two independant loops on analogue control.

The rolling stock is still in storage with the exception of 2 Intercity passenger carriages and a Pullman. The Pullman is one of the Hornby Super Detail range with internal table lamps. This means that I can use it to check for power on the rails.

The locomotives (all DC control) recovered from storage are:

Back to the drawing board with the layout plan.