JAR - Just Another Railway!

Welcome to Just Another Railway!

Just Another Railway is a website dedicated to the building of a model railway; it will be built during my spare time using the resources I have available.

By recording a journal of progress, you can learn as I learn, avoid the mistakes I make and by using the videos and photos, hopefully be inspired to create your own layout - or at least, have a go.

Recently conducting research I came across a number of videos and guides on the internet; the videos were of mixed quality and many I found frustrating - vloggers commenting mid-way through reviews about the weather, one video on how to make a Control Board started listing alternative colours you could spray your panel... 5 minutes I'll never get back. The aim therefore of this website is to be brief and concise. I hope that it doesn't take up too much of your time!

What is the big plan?

To create a new layout and then build up the scenery and accessories to have the model railway dream!
The layout has been designed by myself and is using 00 gauge, Hornby e-Link control coupled with RailMaster. Check out The Plan on the menu for more details.

What are the challenges?

Well, for a start, I have nothing! My track was 200 miles away in storage when I started planning and it was last used when I was about 16. I've since learnt that a good way to get dirt and fluff into trains and rolling stock is to run the railway on a carptet; let's see what damage I've done when I get the crate from storage. I was fortunate that my Dad bought me some baseboards to run on later but I suppose, the damage is already done!
Limited space. I have only just boarded the loft space - there is limited headroom and no electricity. The hatch up to the loft is about 2ft by 3ft and the ladder has quite an incline.
I'm not brilliant when it comes to craft skills, soldering, model making and very good at starting projects but never completing them - this website is to try and keep the project rolling.